Mahalo for A Job Well Done

It is with great pleasure that I recommend 3D Builders & Design to any prospective customer. My background includes 37 years as CEO and chairman of W G Clark Construction Co. in Seattle. W G Clark is a commercial builder completing approximately $150 million in building construction work annually in recent years.

This experience gives me an informed perspective on the subject at hand. During my career, I regularly advocated to prospective clients the advantages of hiring a good general contractor, but, ironically, the first time I ever hired a general contractor, other than W G Clark, for a personal project, was on the construction of our home on Maui.

I spoke with some other builders on Maui, who would only work on a T&M basis, and would not agree to a schedule. The fact that 3D would bid the job out, give me a detailed cost breakdown, and then sign a lump sum contract on a contract form I was familiar with (AIA-101) was a big selling point for me. Our contract also had a specific completion date. Conventional wisdom says that contractors will initiate more change orders if they are working on a lump sum contract, but I don’t believe that even one of the changes on our project was contractor initiated. They were all items we asked to add. That impressed me no end.

I also felt that 3D was looking out for the client’s interest very well. The staff is very professional and conscientious. Any problems that came up were rectified without controversy. Linda and I especially enjoyed the design assistance in the selection of interior finishes. We felt that service was equal to a large developer’s “design center”, even though it was done at the desk, with the aid of amazing computer resources.

The sign of a successful project is that there is a good bond of friendship between the client and the contractor’s personnel when the job is over. That standard was met on this project. The end result is that we have a beautiful, high quality, home that we just love. I am happy to be contacted by prospective customers for more detailed information, if so desired.

Mahalo for a job well done.
— Chris Clark