I Could Not Have Wished for a Better Photovoltaic Install

3-D Builders installed our system. We have a 45 panel Enphase system and its working great.

It produces about 50 - 55 KwH per day which pretty much meets my electric needs and I will be getting tax credits to reduce the cost of installation

I highly recommend 3-D Builders, in particular Herman at 3-D has been fantastic.

I could not have wished for a better photovoltaic install.

As the system just went online 4 days ago not sure what my electric bill will be but hoping for the minimum $18 bill. I cc’d 3-D so that they can give you an email, but frankly, we looked at four installers and would not go with anyone other that 3-D.
— David W. Cain
Cain and Herren, ALC