Our Photovoltaic Division

3D Builders and Design is proud to announce the introduction of our new solar division specializing in photovoltaic installations.

An alternative approach to reducing dependency on Foreign Oil by first increasing efficiency (via analysis of current systems) then prescribing the appropriate Solar System to reduce your Electric bill by using Maui’s abundant, 100% Pure, Natural Solar Juice.

We are approaching PV differently than the other large solar companies, by monitoring the clients existing electrical use and offering suggestions prior to sizing a system. We reduced a client in Kihei’s usage by 20% by suggesting he replace his aging refrigerator and adjusting his solar hot water heater to work more efficiently.

Call us for a free site analysis and learn more about our special offers on monitoring systems.


Why choose Photovoltaic Energy

Hawaii is in the “Golden Triangle” for PV alternative energy:

  • Highest energy prices in the country
  • One of the most productive states as far as sun hours
  • Offers the best tax incentives in the nation with a State tax credit up to 35% and an additional Fed tax credit of 30%.

Our Process


We offer Professional Electrical System Monitoring from our Certified Energy Manager to prescribe enery efficiencies prior to sizing your system.


Analyzing the Data from monitoring preserves our Aina and your cash. Replacing dated appliances, exchanging light bulbs with energy efficient LED or CFL's lighting or tweaking your Solar Hot Water system are examples how analysis can save thousands on PV panels.  Spend less, save more and let Hawaii's Sun pay your electric bill.


After thorough Analysis and reducing the size of your PV system, Our professional installers will spend the extra time and care to ensure the finest installation to meet the High Quality Standard 3D Builders is known for.

Learn more about our PV installation by downloading our PV Installation Specifications

PV Installation Specifications

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