Building the Smarter Kitchen

In continuing the tradition of time-tested kitchen appliances, life in the 21st century has become hectic. Fortunately, product development has been keeping up with this pace by making life a little easier, environmentally friendly and designed with beauty in mind.

While going hi-tech is not a new occurrence, more recent innovations have widened the path to increased efficiency for today’s living standards. In many instances, certain builders have made it a key objective to integrate items that make food preparation smarter, more efficient and friendly to the environment.

Recent product developments that have given way to innovation include:

  • An intelligent refrigerator with an advanced cooling system that can be operated by remote control via the Internet or a cell phone.
  • A dishwasher that detects the amount of debris on the contents to determine what water temperature and cycle are needed
  • Or even a wine cellar that has an absorption cooling system with no motor or compressor and that is completely vibration free, thus eliminating sediment disruption in the wine.

As new custom homes are built here on Maui, it is refreshing to know that when it comes to leading edge design, convenience and quality island living, there are builders that can turn dreams into reality.

As Maui’s premier, custom home builder, 3D Builders specializes in high-end home construction that focuses on quality while leading the way to environmentally sound building practices that simply make sense.

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