Did You Know

3D Builders has always recognized that style and environmental benefits go hand in hand with building green. For example, now that solar energy can be collected through photovoltaic roof tiles instead of enormous elevated panels, efficiency can be subtle and even elegant. Indoors, advancements in appliances and lighting have enabled a fresh compatibility between energy conservation and panache.


  • 3D Builders has been building homes on Maui for nearly 20 years
  • 3D Builders have been installing Solar Systems on Maui homes for over 18 years.
  • 3D Builders does Photovoltaic System Installations.
  • Providing incentives and energy education to our clients.
  • 3D Builders monitor and analyze your energy consumption prior to installing.
  • 3D Builders won Awards from Meco & Heco for being the first Builder in the State to make solar hot water standard on all their homes, which is finally mandated statewide 12 years later.
  • 3D Builders is known not only for Maui’s large custom homes but also affordable cottages.
  • 3D Builders does large commercial construction, including The Dunes @ Maui Lani Club House and Restaurant, and renovating over 300 hotel rooms converting them to the complex now know as Aina Nalu Resort in Lahaina.
  • 3D Builders was one of the first Green Builders & builds LEED Certified Homes.
  • 3D Builders supports local teams, Maui YMCA.
  • There is probably a 3D Builders house in your neighborhood.