Elegant Decking for Custom Homes

Natural durability, superior performance, incredible beauty.

Ipê is naturally resistant to fire, (having the same rating as steel and concrete), this wood resists insects, rot and mildew, and can be used in direct contact with the ground without preservatives or additional treatments. Perfect for exterior residential and commercial applications, Ipê can be used in constructing boat-docks, decking, boardwalks, outdoor furniture, pool decking, and more.

While Ipê can be sealed to maintain its natural color and beauty; allowing it to weather will turn it to a beautiful silver-gray color. As one of the earth’s most dense woods, Ipê will remain smooth and splinter free.

Advantages of building your deck or other outdoor project with Ipê:

  • 25+ years providing lasting beauty and value.
  • Environmentally friendly, 100% natural wood.
  • Naturally mold, fire, weather, & insect resistant.
  • Extremely strong & durable; resists surface scratches.
  • Competitively priced with other premium decking products.

When compared to other decking materials such as redwood, cedar, or pressure treated materials, Ipê gives longer life (3-5 times the life span), stronger resistance to fire, weather, insects and movement and is competitively priced with high grades of cedar and redwood. If you compare the one time cost to the 3-5 times you replace other materials over the life span of Ipê, the value becomes crystal clear.

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